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Registering a User Name

Register Overview

Register Overview

When you have set up your YaBB forum or are visiting a YaBB forum you will want to register your user name.  This allows you to keep the same identity while posting on the forums.  You can also keep track of your post count, fill out a profile, and receive instant messages.


When calling up YaBB in a browser you will see a menu across the top which should have images for "Home", "Help", "Search", "Login", and "Register".  Click the link/image that says register.  You will be taken to a screen where you can select a user name.  Depending on what administrator of that particular YaBB has chosen, you can either fill out your password and information or if they have email registration turned on you will be prompted for your desired user name and a valid email address.

If your desired user name is available you will either be able to login or you will receive an email with a temporary password - again this depends on what type of registration the administrator has set the forum to.

You can then proceed to login!