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Feb 21st, 2019, 9:45am

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Metropolis Reality Forums let your Shanghai Baer 100A have wireless routing

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   let your Shanghai Baer 100A have wireless routing
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   Author  Topic: let your Shanghai Baer 100A have wireless routing  (Read 163 times)
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let your Shanghai Baer 100A have wireless routing
« on: Feb 8th, 2018, 7:42pm »
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<p> originally Zte Dslam 96 128 Adsl2 64 96 Vdsl2 Zxdsl 9806H said it was going to be put up a few days ago, but because of the delay in work and other things, it was not written until today. Ashamed of </p>
<p>'s nonsense, direct tutorials. (mainly is a reprint of others intermediate tutorial, some small details of my experience of </p>
<p>) well, I couldn't help but be bothersome, first emphasized two points: </p>
<p> 1, brush risk, I am not responsible for bricked! </p>
<p> 2, after the brush of OPENWRT, not in the ADSL cat function, can only do routing, that is, still using the telephone line of friends can close the web page. </p>
<p> after routing to the first step: open the brush! </p>
<p> 1, Download openwrt Chinese firmware 3.12 to PC (there are many versions, have been updated, heard the latest version lets you break the harmonious China dam, the direct landing of foreign FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and other sites, if not the patience to find friends can come to me directly to me, I brush version the file to you) </p>
<p> 2, PC network port IP address settings and in the same segment of the IP address, for example, is set to (this setting is the connection properties inside the INTEL4 protocol version changes on your local win7 in the properties found inside there are change adapter Huawei Optix Rtn 910 Xpic Integrated Ip Microwave Communication Equipment settings. Subnet mask, default gateway is respectively 255255255, 0 and </p>
<p> 3, find the RST key route. Find the routing brush port lan4 (the key button is not a small hole with a toothpick into according to </p>
<p> 4, closed) cat power. </p>
<p> 5, with something like a toothpick to hold down the RST key to the cat, then turn on the power (not release RST), continue to hold for 20 seconds. Then release the RST key </p>
<p> 6, cable and &ldquo with PC network port; port lan4&rdquo connected to the brush. Opening the windowscmd window for ping192.168.1.1, such as Ping, shows that we have made the first step. </p>
<p> 7, via IE or forfox access</p>
<p> 8, login interface, you need to enter the CFE account password, account: telecomadmin password: nE7jA%5m (the account password to a lot of version, I collected mainly include: telecomadmin password: nE7jA%5m; also there may be a username: bjcnchgw password: [email protected], password or account is telecomadmin, or account: admin Password: [email protected] or "may" account: bjcnchgw password: 8mC) </p>
<p> 9, you can choose just login to download a good 3.12 firmware upgrade, after two minutes, the machine will automatically shutdown restart. (here in after browsing select brush file good running well) </p>
<p> 10, according to the guide said to the network cable into the network of other BCM6358 cat's mouth, pay attention, do not ignore this step... This step, I didn't understand what is used, but also regardless of him, anyway, does not affect the use. (here I and tutorials as well as writers confused, but presumably because the LAN4 port was painted in the new WLAN port, so keep the inserted line network) </p>
<p> so far, brush machine has been completed, is a good brush version of openwrt3.12, can realize the Huawei Mdu Ma5626 8 16 24 Ports Remote Pon Access Equipment! (like this can put to set the </p>
<p> 2 step back to the network automatically, not sure, because when I brush experience a few failures before success) </p>
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