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May 26th, 2022, 10:21am

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   addition to some advice
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addition to some advice
« on: Nov 6th, 2017, 12:28am »
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'Poverty alleviation secretary' Li Zhiqiang fell to visit the road to poverty - Trade, global trading platform
Poverty Alleviation shows that Li Zhiqiang (left) has been thinking about the cheap ugg boots online poor and the poor, the picture shows him to the poor households presented winter material reporter Li Yizhong correspondent Yan Zheng Xiong Bin Sun Keliang Liu Hui Municipal Political Consultative Committee recently issued a call, in the city's political and legal front set off learning Caidian District Judge Li Zhiqiang's activities. March 3, Li Zhiqiang in poverty alleviation on the road sudden illness, rescue invalid, unfortunately died, gave the only 56 years of life. On the afternoon of 19, the reporter came to Li Zhiqiang's poverty-stricken areas - Caidian District Zhangwan Street concentric embankment village, a spacious and clean chaussures louboutin pas cher cement road from the village has been extended to the village. 'This road in April this year to repair, was originally a potholes of the mud road, Li Shuji (Li Zhiqiang is concentric desert village Air Max Tailwind 6 precision poverty alleviation' first secretary ') in the village when the poor ran up and down, determined to help the villagers to this Unfortunately, he did not wait until the road repair this day. 'Village secretary Yang Yuqing sad memories. In the concentric embankment village committee accurate poverty alleviation battle room, still retains a work card, marked above the team captain, team members, help time and other information, the task force 'Li Zhiqiang' name greeted, help time from October 2015 to December 2020. 'We have been reluctant to withdraw this piece of work card, is to let the secretary of the village to see the village as soon as possible out of poverty!' Volunteered to help the village in poverty, 'the first secretary', down on the poor road March 3 morning, Li Zhiqiang as usual The same to go to concentric embankment village poverty alleviation. To the village, the first and the village party members to participate in the theme party activities. At that time, Li Zhiqiang body has some unusual. The village cadres asked with concern whether he ugg pas cher bottes had to rest, he said: 'I have poor blood pressure, the escarpin louboutin pas cher morning has eaten the medicine, it does not matter.' After the event, Li Zhiqiang and village cadres, according to plan to visit several poor households. On the road, Li Zhiqiang face pale, the village cadres suggested that he canceled the nike air max 90 youth trip, another day visit, urging him to the hospital immediately. Li Zhijiang declined, he said: '10 o'clock in the morning, Li Zhiqiang no longer hold on, suddenly sweating, paralyzed sitting on the road.' Village cadres quickly called a car to send him to the hospital. This  goes, Li Zhiqiang never come back. At 10:50 on the same day, Li Zhiqiang always left him has been worried about the poor households. In October 2015, Caidian District Court sent a poverty alleviation team to focus on poverty alleviation and concentrating the village. Li Zhiqiang volunteered talons louboutin femme to serve as the captain of the team, as in the village of poverty alleviation 'first secretary'. Li Zhijiang and the village party members to work together to develop ugg bottes 2017 a series of poverty alleviation plan: to improve farmland irrigation Air Max 2009 mens settings, hardening 600 meters field road, the construction of hundreds of meters of field irrigation canal; to promote industrial poverty alleviation projects, the transfer of 1,200 acres of land, Vegetables, 382 villagers benefit, the surrounding and more than 70 poor people to increase income; 'one to one' to help ... ... nike shoes outlet poverty alleviation plan soon effective. 2015, 4 out of 12 people out of poverty; 2016, there are three 10 people out of poverty; 2017, plans to get out of poverty 13 households. Concentric embankment village from two years ago, a loss of more than 80 million poverty-stricken village profitability, the village collective economy is currently the cumulative balance new balance 574 femme of 40 million yuan. Every year for more than 100 cases without error, no protest Li Zhiqiang is Caidian District Court Administrative Court judge, before the death of non-litigation is responsible for the implementation of administrative cases of the review and implementation of the work, that is, the legitimacy of the administrative law enforcement agencies to carry out the review. In some people's view, this review is only 'go through the field' - are state organs, how can the situation of mutual dismantling? Even if the executive authorities have a flaw, but also can open one eye close one eye, will not affect the overall situation. But Li Zhiqiang do not think so 'Administrative law enforcement agencies if the punishment is wrong, the damage is the image of the state organs in the eyes of the masses. This review must be serious, serious, must not go through!' In February last year, Caidian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau due to jurisdiction The company did not pay social security workers, to the unit issued a 10 million yuan ticket. In August the same year, Caidian Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Womens Shoes District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to Caidian District Court to apply for enforcement of the case. Li Zhiqiang accepted the case, the review found that the administrative penalty decision book only served to a company's security personnel hands, but not served to the company's legal representative, is illegal procedures. Immediately rejected the Cindian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau UGG Mittens of the application, the Council of the administrative penalty decision is not allowed to enforce. Some administrative law enforcement agencies found that the individual part of the administrative punishment is not in place, asked Li Zhiqiang 'accommodating' look, are Li Zhiqiang one by one back. In recent years, Li Zhiqiang handling more than 100 cases of administrative cases each year, all to achieve 'no petition, no protest, no ultra-limit handling case' and 'three no' goals. Young colleague Zhang Mingmin asked him any tips, Li Zhiqiang said: 'The secret is the word: according to the law!' Is not a name, no more than a moment, a man to do things but a clear conscience in the heart of the village, the Nike Air Max Mens villagers talked about Li Zhiqiang, The sentence is 'this person Intuit seriously'. Li Zhiqiang was born in a revolutionary family. Is the ripe old age of his father from childhood to his education is: not a name, not more than a moment, a man doing things but to ask a clear conscience. In February 1981, Li Zhiqiang to work in the Caidian District Court as a clerk; in 1986, gloriously joined the Chinese Communist Party, to become a good people judge. In December 1990, as a young and outstanding cadres, Li Zhiqiang was elected to the township work. Hill Street, Zhang Wan Street, Berlin Township have left his footprints. Li Zhiqiang also from an ordinary township cadres to grow into the township party committee leader, has served as deputy mayor of the mountain town, deputy secretary of the party committee of Berlin Township. In the unanimous view of Li Zhiqiang career, in 1997, Li Zhiqiang applied to the organization to return to court work. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the court, to return to the court work Li Zhiqiang can only work again from the clerk. Deputy class cadre as a clerk, Li Zhiqiang no Nike Air Max 95 kids slight complaint, one nike pas cher femme is a year. Some people say that Li Zhiqiang 'silly' 'will not come.' In 2004, Li Zhiqiang Kids UGG Boots wife unit restructuring, his wife was laid off, asked him to speak with the familiar administrative organs to help change the unit. Li Zhiqiang this is a little effort, but he flatly refused: 'do not meet the rules of things I do not do.' Wife with his family since, did not find him in the work of help, this time because of the post to be open to him, Still refused. Angry wife did not talk to him for two days. His wife finally laid off. Feel ashamed of his wife Li Zhiqiang from the swept ugg echarpes most of the housework. In 2008, the only daughter, Li Hong, graduated from the medical school. Looking for what kind of work, the daughter of life, the impact of great. Li Zhiqiang in addition to some advice to her daughter, a little help her daughter to find the meaning of the work are not. Daughter know his father's character, do not open his father, and finally went to a pharmaceutical company to work. 'I have never complained to my father, on the contrary, from the father, I learned a lot of life.' Li Hong choked to reporters.
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