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May 26th, 2022, 11:17am

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dog doctor
« on: Nov 6th, 2017, 12:29am »
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'Dog doctor', opened the door of your fragile soul - Question and Answer on Alibaba Welcome to, Join Free | Sign In Ask It!
Voice reading: Shenzhen has a group of dogs, not only in the owner's arms of the pet, they also have another identity - Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Womens Shoes 'dog doctor.' And 'dog doctor' familiar with the children, happy to the dog combed hair. The child tries to touch the 'dog doctor'. The head of the 'dog doctor' that is full of goodwill and trust in the eyes, 4-year-old autistic boy Xiao Ai finally overcome The fear of the heart, carefully from their own world out of the 'tentacles' - he reached out and gently touched the 'dog doctor' body soft curly. It was the afternoon of May 13th, which took place at the center of Merlin, a special child rehabilitation center in Purple. Shenzhen has a group of dogs, not just in the owner's arms and pet pets, they also have another identity - 'dog doctor.' Among them, some left 'foreign', and some flow 'waves', their common characteristics are: always filled with the greatest kindness and trust of mankind. 10 years, 'dog doctor' burdened with the 'mission of love' shuttle in the city, many times into the Shenzhen homes for the elderly, children's welfare homes, autistic children's treatment institutions, schools, opened the door of those fragile soul. The face of 'dog doctor' friendly they finally dare to reach out on May 13 at 2:20 pm, tall and mighty golden retriever 'Hermes', and the lively poodle 'a lot' in their respective owners Under the leadership, went into the Purple language special child rehabilitation center Merlin center classroom, a special 'dog doctor' class began. Autistic children, the most obvious symptoms are immersed in their own world, fear of communication with the outside world. 'Can a dog doctor' open the door of this fragile mind? This time to accept the 'dog doctor' course of three children, are 3-4 years old children, including boys Xiao and Xiao Ming have autism tendencies, girls Xiao Ling development than the average child slow. When two 'dog doctor' into the classroom, Xiaoling very happy to go up to touch the petite lotus, the two boys were hiding in the rehabilitation center teachers and mother side, dare not come forward. The first part is to let the children familiar with the 'dog doctor'. The dog owner ordered the dog doctor to lie in the middle of the classroom to help the volunteers encourage the children to touch them. Xiao Ai has been hiding in the arms of her mother, when the mother took him to the 'dog doctor' in front of his hand to pick up the dog, the first time to see the 'dog doctor,' the small Oh is even back and forth, or even break away from the mother Of the arms, went to the corner. Another boy Xiao Ming because before the 'dog doctor' course, it is more than a little hard to be some, in the volunteers and teachers to encourage, he slowly approached touched the dog. See Xiao Ling and a lot of play, issued waves of laughter, Xiao Ai also began to seriously watch the eyes of the 'dog doctor.' At this time, the dog owners seize the opportunity to let two 'dog doctor' sold a Meng: Hermes to the children played Nike Air Max 95 kids chaussures louboutin pas cher the ball game, a lot of performance how to pick up the snacks ... ... looked at, Little hard to resist, he squatted in front of a lot of small looking for a moment, carefully stretched out his hand, gently touched a lot of soft curl, and quickly shrunk back - like snail from Thick shell pulled out the soft tentacles, carefully explore the outside world. 'Do not be afraid, they are very obedient.' Volunteers in the next to encourage children: 'either we first pull them away, okay?' 'Dog doctor' under the leadership of the master, slowly in the classroom circle. Small Ca from the silently holding a long traction belt, far behind in the back. After a few laps, he took the initiative close to Hermes, touched its back. Son began to take the initiative and 'dog doctor' interaction! Xiao Ai's mother to see this scene, very excited. The ultimate difficulty: 'Please learn to trust me' to encourage children to reach out to the 'dog doctor' feeding, is the 'dog doctor' course 'ultimate'. 'Dog doctor' can melt these children's mind to prepare the ice wall, and they build trust? In order to make three children are not so afraid, volunteers to arrange them to feed a lot less. The children wiped hands with a towel, the dog snacks spread in the palm of the hand, to the dog ... ... one, two, three, the children smooth clearance! Wait until the feeding of tall and mighty golden nike pas cher femme hair Hermes, there was a small twists and turns: the first time on the 'dog doctor' course of small Ai, very resistant to feeding behavior. He did not dare to put snacks on the palm of the hand, and would like to use his fingers to catch snacks, the scene of the volunteers in time to guide him to correct this wrong action - although the 'dog Air Max Tailwind 6 doctor' is the exam, but Nike Air Max Mens this feeding action Daily life is easy to be some more greedy dog 鈥嬧媋ccidentally hurt your fingers! Several times, although the small cup has been in the hands of snacks, but Hermes a close, he wanted to escape, the snacks thrown to the ground. See, little love of the  heart still want to contact Hermes, Air Max 2009 mens my mother in time to appease small Ai, he went back and then try. Hermes always quietly watching the small, as if to say: 'believe me, I will not hurt you.' Volunteers to hold a small capper in the arms, gently holding a small arm of the ugg bottes 2017 arm, let him open the palm , Put the dog snack. Saw Hermes soft tongue from the small palm of the palm gently sliding over, snacks disappeared. A kind of unspeakable gentle touch, opened the small heart of the small, let him forget the nike air max 90 youth fear. This class, three children have overcome the inner resistance, began and 'dog doctor' contact and communication, established trust between each other. So that later, they are particularly like the big man Jinmao Hermes, competing to touch it's golden long hair. But rather the beginning of a lot of favored little, actually was a bit 'cold' the. Many of the children of autism are reluctant to communicate with people, and the 'dog doctor' is a bridge to talons louboutin femme help them communicate with each other. Hope that through the 'dog' and the 'dog doctor' course is not a treatment, Doctors' contact, you can help these children to open a door to the outside world, to encourage them to contact and communicate with others. 'A volunteer told reporters at the scene. Can be 'doctor' dog, 'nature will be full of sunshine and goodwill' before get out of class, three children and 'dog doctor' contact more, cute little hands in the 'dog doctor' who kept touching. Reporters saw Xiao Ming in touching Hermes, the fingers almost met Emerson's eyes, Hermes still motionless, no resistance or dodge. At this time, the volunteers in time to stop the small Ming: 'dog like to touch the plush Oh!' 'Our 'dog doctors' are one hundred miles to pick one, they must be very gentle nature, obedience, will not make any attack on human behavior , You can safely let children and the elderly interact with them. 'Asian animal fund staff Chen Minjie told Jing reporter, ugg echarpes nature is full of sunshine and good dog, in order to be competent' dog doctor 'work. 'Dog doctor' visit is a fully obligatory animal adjuvant therapy project, organized by the Asian Animal Fund in mainland China, a wholly owned subsidiary of the branch - Asian Advisory is responsible for the organization.We sing the gentle dog to become a 'dog doctor' to the hospital Condolences to the elderly, to the elderly to see the elderly, to the special school with the children to play ... ... 'Speaking of' dog doctor 'selection, Chen Minjie said that as early as 1991, Hong ugg pas cher bottes Kong launched the' dog escarpin louboutin pas cher doctor 'project, 2004 Gradually extended to Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the current three places in the 'dog doctor' has more than 100. If you want your dog to become a 'dog doctor', in addition to meet the dog's health, gentle, friendly, with the owner living together more than six months, has been vaccinated against infectious diseases and rabies vaccine, sterilization, Dog registration certificate and other conditions, but also to accept the interview selection. 'Doctor Dog' interview selection, the dog is a rigorous test. The examiner will simulate the actions of special children playing, such as they like dogs but in different ways to express, for example, will pull the dog ears, pull hair, pull the tail and so on. The dog on the examination room if the face of these more force of action, still show calm and trust in the people, there is no attack, the dog can cross the border, and vice versa will be eliminated. In addition, the examiner also test the nike shoes outlet dog's noisy voice and food attitude, such as giving the dog to feed a food, and then suddenly snatched; suddenly throw something to see the dog reaction ... ... if the dog was very panic , Or to make an attack posture, but also to be eliminated. Eventually, most of the registration of the dog will be eliminated, the rest of the gentle and friendly, calm and easy, there is no tendency to attack, willing to accept strangers contact dogs, in order to interview. Qualified 'dog doctor' is often the dog owner of the dog's culture, usually with the dog out of the dog with other dogs or strangers, unfamiliar environment, which is conducive to training their strong adaptability to the environment. People need a dog to accompany; dog, need human kind to an old man holding a small 'dog doctor' - Chihuahua Nini happy smile, his face wrinkled cheap ugg boots online like blooming flowers. Asian animal fund staff Feng Dongmei still remember, March 14, 2007 'dog doctor' for the first time new balance 574 femme to visit the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center situation. At that time to go to a big one two 'dog doctor', small is Chihuahua, called 'Nini'; big is golden hair, called 'Helen'. On that day, more than 30 elderly people in the orphanage received a 'dog doctor' visit, very lively. Because Nini is a small dog, smart and lovely, very happy, the old people take it in turn take it. And Helen larger, to accompany the elderly to walk. Under the guidance of the volunteers, the old people back to the dog carding, feeding. In the 'dog doctor' to accompany children, the children to overcome the fear, to resist the psychological, will be happy with the 'dog doctor' to play. But let the volunteers feel deeper: the elderly in the 'dog doctor' to accompany the same time, the heart is actually more eager to have someone to accompany them to speak. 'Every time the activities of our dog owners and volunteers will participate in. Found that the elderly are more eager to accompany the chat, everyone in the visit will take the initiative to accompany the elderly to talk about the general will talk about what animals they keep ah , Like the dog ah, will choose some of the topics of interest to Kids UGG Boots the elderly, such as talking about their hometown, young things, favorite TV programs ... ... 'many times to participate in' dog doctor 'visit the elderly activities UGG Mittens of Chen Minjie told reporters : 'The old people are actually very eager to accompany and exchange, every time we go, they are reluctant to give up. This also reminds us of the young people working in Shenzhen, more concerned about the parents in his hometown, even more than a few dozen Phone, made a few WeChat, listen to them long-winded a few words, is also good. 'Life is only a short ten years of the' dog doctor ', the same should also face life and death. Ten years later, many Shenzhen 'dog doctor' has been retired, and some have died. But they 'love mission' did not end, more and more people in Shenzhen, very happy to let their dogs to join the 'dog doctor' in the ranks, relay and pass the 'dog doctor's mission.' At the end of the interview, 'dog doctor' a lot of owner Yan Yingying told reporters: 'a lot of now 10 years old, has entered the old age of the dog, it is a 'dog doctor' time may not be very long I hope that many will continue to bring happiness and warmth to more people, and hope that people can change their minds and treat our animal friends. '[Editor: He Chang] 1 2 3 Next Last
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