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Jan 28th, 2022, 11:05am

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   training more excellent design
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training more excellent design
« on: Nov 6th, 2017, 12:48am »
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'Shenzhen design' shining international stage _ Shenzhen News Network
Artificial intelligence reading: local time June 30 to July 2, the eleventh session of the UNESCO annual meeting Kids UGG Boots of the City of Creativity City held in Angkeliban, France, as China's first, the world's sixth 'design of the 'Shenzhen in the promotion of urban creative design level and to create a global impact of key activities are subject to the world's 116 countries and regions on behalf of a high degree of concern. Shenzhen, the UNESCO annual meeting of the creative city network, 'Shenzhen design' shining international stage Shenzhen News Network local time June 30 to July 2, the eleventh session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization The annual meeting of the city network was held in Angie Leiban, France, as the first in China, the world's sixth 'design capital', Shenzhen in the promotion of urban creative design level and to create a global impact of key activities, etc. are the world's 116 National and regional representatives of the high degree of concern. UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Culture, Francisco Bandland, appreciates Shenzhen's recent significant contribution to the development of creative industries in the world, and hopes that Shenzhen will further deepen its cooperation with UNESCO, with the help of the Global Creative City Network This platform, the 'Shenzhen design' the brand to the world. At the annual meeting of the 'Shenzhen element' by the Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of Publicity Li Xiaogan appointed, the Municipal Publicity Office, the city design director of the Office of the promotion of Han Wangxi ugg bottes 2017 led his delegation to attend the meeting, in the main forum and sub-forums have made a speech, Introduced in Shenzhen in recent years in the creative design work on the exploration and effectiveness, 'Shenzhen design' once again in the world stage loud voice. It is understood that representatives from nearly 100 creative cities around the world attended the annual meeting. June 30, Shenzhen as the 'design capital' convenor presided over the convening of the sub-network meeting, from around the world 22 'design capital' representatives nike shoes outlet to participate in the meeting, sharing experience, to discuss the 'design capital' construction prospects. July 1, Han Wangxi on behalf of Shenzhen attended the most important creative city of the main forum, introduced in April this year, just successfully held the first Shenzhen Design Week grand occasion, and focus on promoting the Shenzhen Global Design Award, warmly invited the global creative city Excellent designers are actively involved. In addition, the delegation of Shenzhen through the annual meeting announced the third Shenzhen creative design cutting-edge award began to solicit the work of the news. Representatives Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Womens Shoes from the design capital of these two design awards have shown a strong interest, and fully affirmed the Shenzhen for the benefit of the global design community and the majority of designers to make efforts. 'Shenzhen design' big step to the world On December 7, 2008, Shenzhen was officially recognized by UNESCO as China's first, the world's sixth creative city network 'design capital.' The Creative City Network, founded by UNESCO in 2004, aims to link schools with creativity and culture as the mainstay of economic development to form a network. In this network platform, members of the city exchange experience, support each other, to help the city's cities and enterprises to expand domestic and international markets on the promotion of multicultural products. The city of the city was awarded the 'Capital of Literature', 'The Capital of the Film', 'Music Capital', 'Design Capital', 'Capital of the Arts', 'Folk Arts' and 'Cooking Food Are 'and so on seven kinds of titles. There are currently 116 cities in the world to join escarpin louboutin pas cher the network, including 'design capital' 22, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin, Helsinki, Turin, Montreal, Detroit, Seoul and so on. Over the past decade, the use of 'design capital' title and creative city network, Shenzhen to make friends, encourage design enterprises and designers to go out. Shenzhen Design Capital Promotion Office actively organize local design forces to participate in international activities, leading the 'Shenzhen design' to go out, 'Shenzhen design' of the international flavor is also getting thicker. September 7, 2016, in view of the 'Shenzhen design' in the international influence, Shenzhen nike air max 90 youth on behalf of China invited to participate in the first London Design Biennale. In line with the theme of the Biennale 'Design Utopia', Shenzhen exhibited the 'Shenzhen New Height - Visible Utopia' to propose a feasible solution to the problem of crowded urban housing, housing prices and other issues that have received widespread attention and sparked talons louboutin femme positive Response and discussion. When the mayor of Shenzhen Xu Qin to attend the opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Pavilion and delivered a speech. He spoke highly of the exhibition in Shenzhen, praised the 'innovative, horizontal, quality', representing the height of Shenzhen design. February 22, 2017, Shenzhen as a Sino-Italian cultural cooperation and exchange mechanism of 25 members of the Chinese side, by Xi Jinping President and the Italian President Matarella's collective meeting. The day before, Shenzhen representative attended the first meeting of the cooperation mechanism, and with the prestigious Milan Furniture Fair, Milan Triennial Foundation, Venice Biennale and other institutions on the future design cooperation carried out extensive and in-depth discussion. Milan expressed his intention to participate in the design of the city as a guest city, Milan Furniture Fair and Milan Design Week are interested in activities in Shenzhen. In addition, the Shenzhen designer delegation participated in the third consecutive session of the St. Etienne Design Biennale, the London Design Festival, the Helsinki Design Week, the Montreal Design Festival, the Berlin Design Festival and so on, and achieved good results. For example, in 2017 Germany iF design award, Shenzhen has become the biggest winner, Shenzhen enterprises won the current iF design awards 142, an increase of more than 2 times, accounting for 36% of Chinese enterprises winning projects, for 6 consecutive years nationwide large and medium cities The first, showing the industrial design of Shenzhen industrial transformation and upgrading of a strong role in promoting. 'Design Capital' brand boost design industry in Shenzhen to become a 'design capital', the introduction of a series of policy measures to support the development of the design industry. At the end of 2009, the municipal government issued a number of opinions on promoting the development of creative design industry. In 2011, the 'Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan' and relevant policies were introduced. 'Opinions' clearly put forward to build 'design' as the main line, relying fully on the UNESCO creative city network, creating a creative design environment. 'Policy' is clear to increase the municipal financial investment, the annual concentration of 500 million yuan to set up cultural and creative industries to develop special funds to support the cultural and creative industries. But also explicitly requested to encourage nike pas cher femme the separation of the development of creative design services, and guide manufacturing, construction and other industries leading enterprises to separate creative design links, the establishment of an independent creative design business for the whole industry and the whole society to provide services. On the basis of policy support, Shenzhen makes full use of the platform of UNESCO's  creative city network, and unifies Nike Air Max Mens the strength of the city's design resources into the 'design capital' banner, forming a strong force. 'Shenzhen design' more and more strong momentum of development, ushered in a round of development climax for the economic development of Shenzhen has injected new vitality, and the 'Shenzhen design' strength of the review, is the 'Shenzhen Design Week.' April 21 to 28 this year, the first Shenzhen Design Week held successfully. Design Air Max 2009 mens Week's success marks the beginning of Shenzhen to move towards the commanding heights of the global design community began to take the initiative to master the right to speak, but also marks the implementation of 'Shenzhen Cultural Innovation and ugg echarpes Development 2020 (Implementation Program)' work made another major progress. During the event, a total of nearly 100,000 visitors visited and participated in the main peak of the main exhibition site in new balance 574 femme Shekou, which received nearly 7,000 people a day. More than 200 from the world's 15 countries and regions, more than 200 top designers and more than 2,000 creative works gathered in Shenzhen. During the design week, Shenzhen launched the first Global Design Award with a total prize money of up to $ 1 million, which was widely watched. In accordance with the schedule, next Air Max Tailwind 6 year's second design week will be held at the grand global awards ceremony. This is the world's outstanding industrial and product designers awards, is expected to become the future of the global design community 'Oscar.' Relying on the advantages of neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen cheap ugg boots online also focus on the introduction of the Hong Kong design community of outstanding resources to jointly promote the development of the design industry in the Bay area. Shenzhen Design Capital Promotion Association and the Hong Kong Design Association in 2015 signed a 'Shenzhen-Hong Kong design cooperation cooperation memorandum', the Shenzhen Design Capital Promotion Office and the Hong Kong Business and Economic Development Bureau in 2016 signed the 'Shenzhen and Hong Kong on Promote the cooperation of creative industries agreement. ' In the context of Shenzhen-Hong Kong design industry cooperation, 2014 and 2016, held ugg pas cher bottes two consecutive Shenzhen-Hong Kong Design Biennale, was a great success, as the two design industry event. A total of more than 500 Shenzhen and Hong Kong designers, design students, academics and entrepreneurs involved in the activities. With the rapid development of the design industry in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in recent years, the future of Shenzhen and Hong Kong as a leader in the design of the Bay Area cooperation circle gradually formed, will lead the Pearl River Delta region of the design industry healthy development. 'Shenzhen design' is becoming an international brand as China's first 'design capital', facing the future, Shenzhen, how to further build 'Shenzhen design' the flagship, and continue to push the brand to the world? At this annual meeting, the delegation of Shenzhen carried out extensive exchanges with representatives of UNESCO officials and other 'design capital' with such questions. Mr. Bendlin, Director-General of UNESCO's Cultural Affairs, and Ms. Jodie Hausa Graham, Head of the Global Network of Creative Cities, said that 'Shenzhen Design' had a UGG Mittens broad international impact and that UNESCO would spare no effort And Shenzhen in close cooperation, the 'Shenzhen design' the brand to the world. Shenzhen City, the design of the promotion of the Office of the person in Nike Air Max 95 kids charge said that the future of Shenzhen will make full use of UNESCO's creative city network, Sino-Italian chaussures louboutin pas cher cultural cooperation and exchange mechanism and other international platforms, and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao's geographical advantages, further started the 'Shenzhen design' Continue to strengthen cooperation with other creative cities and international top professional design agencies, well-known design institutions to attract more international design, creative institutions settled in Shenzhen. At the same time, we will continue to strive for the major design activities such as Shenzhen Design Week, Global Design Awards, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Design Biennale, and make these activities an important international platform for exchanges and cooperation. In addition, Shenzhen will actively explore with foreign famous design institutions to run schools or vocational training, training more excellent design talent, steadily improve the level of local design. Through these efforts, I believe in the near future, 'Shenzhen design' will become another cultural card in Shenzhen, will also become a resounding international famous brand. [Editor: He Cheong]
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