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Metropolis Reality Forums Erin's Live Chat

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   Erin's Live Chat
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   Author  Topic: Erin's Live Chat  (Read 780 times)
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Erin's Live Chat
« on: Nov 8th, 2002, 12:36pm »
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OK I have been released from my bonds on Friday afternoons for 2 hours - to get my survivor fix - it's my reward for being good the rest of the week at work.  
So with a little discussion - Tigerlily has freed up this site and CBS.  I am in room 1#7319.
If you can't get in there and want to go to another room just post and I will look for you.  
PS I am there as addams today.
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Re: Erin's Live Chat
« Reply #1 on: Nov 8th, 2002, 1:14pm »
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I'm in room 4143.  Have tried to get into yours a couple timers, but it's packed.
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You Bet Your ASS Team
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Re: Erin's Live Chat
« Reply #2 on: Nov 8th, 2002, 2:53pm »
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Seems it was  a VO room - and I was adopted.  I learned that VO stands for Voted Off!  they were very nice.  LOL
Listen, I tried to do a transcript but flagged at about 45 minutes.  It's a bit messy and needs more formatting which I don't have time for right now.  Still I want to post it here for what its worth:
Transcript of the questions and answers for Erin’s chat:
Why do you think you were voted out instead of Penny?  I was shocked.
I believe it all had to do with strategy and a possible alliance Penny had with either Jake or Ken
What was your reaction when you saw Ken and Jake strategizing without you and Penny involved?
A:  I don’t think they were doing it behind our backs.  They filled us in afterwards. I think we all discussed it being the four of us.
Why did you vote for Ken instead of Penny?
A:  Because the theme was to stay true to Texas and the three of us Jake, Penny and I, were from Texas.  Also I thought it was starting to wear on Ken and he needed some food and a shower.  
Were you disappointed with your lack of air time?
A:No because I wasn’t on the show to be on TV.  It was my strategy and that’s why they didn’t show a lot of me.  I was there to play the game.  Wasn’t surprising to me.  I didn’t create a lot of drama.  
You looked angry when you got voted off.  
A:  Did you think Penny betrayed you?  Yes I do think she betrayed me but I was in no way angry
What was going through your mind when Jake made the erotic comment?  
A:  My mind was on having lost the challenge.  I did not pay is comment any attention.
 You showed nerve eating those grubs?  What was the food like?  
A:  Slim to none but we were really lucky to win that feast.  It was wonderful
Did it hurt when you slipped off on that flower?  
A:  It looked worse than it was.  I scraped my leg.
Did you think Brian was too much on his comments about women?  
A:  I did not hear Brian make those comments when we were on the island but when I heard them on the TV I did think they were too much.
Was survivor easier or harder than you thought?  
A:  Harder.  Extremely hard. Not eating and not enough food was the hardest.  The rain too.  All the elements.
You were portrayed as a follower, not a leader, is this true in real life? And, would you still be on the island if you had aligned closer to Jake and Ken than with Penny?  
A:  I am more of a leader in real life. But it was my strategy on the show and Yes, I would still be there.  
A.  What did you think of Clay looking at you last night?  I know that Clay is happily married and I don’t recall him looking at me with in a disrespectful way.
Q.    Do you wish you had switched tribes when JP asked?  No. Never.  I loved the people from sook jai and they had been loyal to me.  I would never have wanted to trade.
A.  What was your honest opinion of shii Ann?   I never really liked her at the beginning. Our personalities clashed at first. Just the way she was as a person.  Then and when she stabbed us in the back it really sealed the feelings of disrespect for her.  It was the happiest day of Survivor when I could vote her off.
Q.  I heard you went to Penny’s wedding.  Were there any other survivors there?  Did you keep in touch with any of your fellow survivor contestants? Yes, Jake, Jed and Clay all attended.  I keep in touch with the majority of the survivors.
A.  Sook Jai started off strong winning most challenges.  What happened?  Sook Jai got a little cocky and then voted folks off for the wrong reasons based on personal reasons rather than what was so good for the team?
Q.  Did the cave really smell that gross?  Ken really complained,  
A.  Yes it did.  I kept away from that end of the cave if I could
Q.  Is penny as manipulative as they portray her in real life?  No
A.  Is Jan really wacko?  Yes a crazy lady in her own special way but a neat and sweet woman, and her son lives in Austin and I see him at my work occasionally.
B. What did the teams think about Jan’s pet cemetery?  Honestly nothing.  We never thought about it.  They just showed it that way on TV.  It wasn’t a big deal for any of us.  
C. Who peed in the cave?  I don’t know presumably the CG men
D. Did you feel there was sexism in the division of labor?  Honestly no – everyone pretty much pitched in and it was fair.  Maybe some could have helped more with the dishes.
E. What are your opinions of the non-merge? I was ecstatic at the moment Jeff told us that because Shii Ann’s dirty work hadn’t really paid off.
F. aside from shiiann who got on your nerves the most.  Stephanie did at first.  But a lot I think had to do because she was sick.  No hard feelings towards Stephanie.  
G. How hard was it to hear the recipes of Helen when you were so hungry.  As strange as it may sound the recopies were comforting to listen to.  You could almost taste the food in your mouth of you thought of it hard enough .   I enjoyed listening to Helen’s recipes.
H. Who was the funnier monkey?  Clay or Maggilla?  Laughs good Q.  I definitely liked Clay.  He had lots of funny remarks o n the show. He kept us entertained and he definitely made amusing comments.
I. Did you return to the real estate business since you returned from the island?  A bit.  Mostly I am working at the bar.
J. Was it strange having cameras in your face all day?  After the first day you did not notice them.
K. Erin you seemed a little under the weather on the early show.  Are you sick? Laughs I was enjoying a little too much of NY last night and slept through my wakeup call.
L. People don’t seem to be losing as much weight this time. Did you feel the hunger in the extreme?  I lost 17 pounds and I didn’t have much to spare.  Yes were starving to death out there.  The cameras do add 10 pounds I think because we looked much thinner when we were there in person  
M.  What was your first impression of CG when you met them at the apparent merge?  
That they were a fun tribe, they sang songs, they played games, they had a neat little civilization there, which I never expected before we met to live with  them.  
N. Was it tough sharing the same beach?  No it was quite enjoyable. There were more people for doing chores.  We got to learn intimate things about these 5 people playing the game against us.  And it was the first warm night sleeping in the cave since I had got there.  
O. Any job offers from companies for modeling or anything? I am unsure at this point what if any offers cam e in since I am not able to discuss until voted off on TV
P. What was your favorite activity y to pass the time while in the game?  After the voted off the tribe? In the game – playing the food game.  For those who don’t know that’s naming two foods and picking the one you like best. Out of the game napping and watching DVD’s they got me usual suspects which is one of my favorites.  
Q. What do you think was the key factor that made the survivor producers choose you?  Wow great question.  I don’t think there was one key factor.  I think several came into play.  Also how I would fit in with the other 15 people – good or bad.
What do you do to stay in such great shape?  
ACheesyid you do anything to physically prepare for the survivor show? I don’t work out and thankfully some of it has to do with genetics.  I ran a bit before the show
Did anything on the island ever really scare you?  
A:  In the beginning I was afraid of the snakes but then in the end I was thinking where are the snakes I want to see one before I go home.  
Was CG’s cave really worth rowing a mile to get water?  
A:  Definitely. With the rain, trying to keep our wood dry and to keep fire going, it was definitely worth it.
You were the favorite of many viewers.  Sorry to see you go. So how good was the hot fudge sundae that SJ won at the auction?  How about those grubs?  
A:  The sundae was by far the most delicious thing I have ever eaten and I will never forget it.  
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Re: Erin's Live Chat
« Reply #3 on: Nov 12th, 2002, 12:21pm »
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Thanks addams! I appreciate the transcript!! Smiley
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