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Jul 23rd, 2024, 12:36am

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   unforgiving climate
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unforgiving climate
« on: Nov 3rd, 2015, 1:11am »
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I ve seen them), presumably to ensure the viewing audience will be apprised of the slightest change in the outdoor conditions they would be experiencing first hand if they weren t cemented to the couch watching TV.To compete, traditional sources of weather information have had to spruce up their broadcasts, with satellite radar, on-the-spot reports and much invented hysteria aimed at satisfying the viewer s need to hope tomorrow won t be just as humdrum as today.It s all a conspiracy of the travel industry, which finds it easier to sell holiday packages to sunny southern destinations if Canadians can be convinced they can t possibly survive another dull, grey, bitter day in February.It s also good for the boot industry.This has been a big year for boots, maybe because there s so little chance of them actually touching any snow).Canadians have been raised to believe they live in a harsh, unforgiving climate, and it s a reflection of the heroic nature of the population that we survive and prosper in the face of bitter winters and an unforgiving landscape.Maybe this used to be true, but not really any more.For one thing, an entire underground network has been built in the city centre that makes it possible to live, work and play without ever going outside.Even those who live outside the core and beyond the subway lines don t face anything like the challenge th.
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