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Jan 16th, 2019, 6:55am

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Metropolis Reality Forums interventions for children

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   interventions for children
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interventions for children
« on: Oct 27th, 2017, 1:25am »
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Chatting together to talk about depression: how people do depression?
Editor's words: Once upon a time, 'depression' is almost no ordinary people mention the word, that it is celebrity and ink thing. Now, although we have extensive discussion of depression, but few people really understand depression. Today is the 'World Health Day', this year's theme is depression, we hope that the public can better  understand depression, learn to distinguish symptoms, reduce the sense of shame, know how to help. Experts: World Health Organization Psychological Crisis Prevention Research and Training Center Director, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Dean Yang Fu Tak Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Clinical Psychology Chief Physician Niu Yajuan Patient christian louboutin pas cher self-portrait Many people first know 'depression' these three words, I am afraid From the famous host Cui Yongyuan start. At that time, when the cause of the peak of the small Cui suddenly disappear from the public eye, so he returned again, but affixed to the 'depression' label. Singer Yang Kun, Sammi Cheng, Zhou Huajian, actor Zhang Jiahui, Leslie Cheung, Robin Williams, 'Mr. Bean' ... ... they have had haze of depression years, some success to overcome the disease, and some end of life. Leaving the 'fans' who sigh and miss, but also Adidas Honey Mid let more and more people know the depression. In the eyes of the public, depression is 'spiritual cold', but the real depression is much more serious than 'cold'. A photographer suffering from depression in the United States photographed a series of pictures showing the true feelings of the heart. In these black and white photos, his face will never see, this is the deep sense of helplessness and depression. 'No feeling', this is Zheng Yan (a pseudonym) the most often say a word. At first, she found herself not interested in anything, the most favorite strawberry, the most loving to play the three killed, the favorite boyfriend, can not let her raise interest. 61-year-old Zhang is feeling the mind does not turn. After retirement, he almost no mind clear, no matter how long sleep is Women's UGG Footwear not enough sleep, the brain like a stone in the crazy growth, become more and more heavy. After reading the university in Nanjing Xiao Han illness can not be normal learning, the English word into a flying insects, new balance pas cher do not understand their own, but also can not write a complete UGG Mittens sentence. ▲ 'three low' is the core symptoms of the World Health Organization psychological crisis prevention research and training cooperation center director, director of the Beijing Huilongguan hospital Yang Fu Tak engaged Cheap Ugg Outlet On Sale in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment work has been 28 years, he told the 'Life Times' reporter, depression is a spirit Disease, not weak, but not small eyes. Depression is different from usual mood swings. Patients with typical 'three low symptoms', including depression, decreased interest, reduced energy. In addition, depressive patients usually also have the following symptoms: appetite changes, sleep more Nike Air Jordan or less, decreased attention, hesitation, feel nothing, guilt UGG Women's Boots or UGG Womens Gloves despair, and have the idea of ​​self-mutilation or suicide. WHO summarizes the most common thoughts of depressive patients: pain is so severe and unbearable; despair, life is meaningless; devoured by negative and disturbing thoughts; in addition to suicide, can not think of Nike Air Force 1 any solution to the problem; Is a relief; their own nothing; very lonely, even if there are friends and family so; do not understand why they have this feeling or ideas. UGG Fingerless Gloves According to the number and severity of symptoms, depression can buy moncler uk be divided into mild, moderate or severe. Patients with mild depression also have a certain ability to move, but continue to engage in daily work and social activities are difficult. Severe depression, the patient is difficult to carry out the above activities, and even domestic chores can not do it. ▲ treatment cheap ugg boots for sale can not be half-way suffering from depression, treatment has become 'old', many people almost do not believe that depression can be cured, often halfway. Yang Fu De hope that patients remember: depression can be treated, there are effective treatment. Talking to a trusted person is the first step out of depression, and most people feel better after talking to people who care about them. More importantly, seek the help of professionals. The treatment of depression includes psychotherapy and antidepressant medications. Psychotherapy, including cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, can help patients to restore function, return to society. Antidepressants play a significant effect takes about two weeks, so many patients difficult to stick to it. WHO data show that less than half of the world's patients receive effective treatment, compared with less than 10% in many countries. Life is equally important. It is recommended that patients are more UGG Gloves For Women engaged in activities like; often with family and friends; more exercise, cheap ugg boots online even if only a short UGG Kids on Sale walk; adhere to Kids UGG Boots the law of diet and sleep habits; accept Wholesale Ugg Boots 'yourself is the patient' and adjust the expectations of expectations, do not force themselves to complete with the usual As many things; to avoid or limit alcohol intake and abuse of sleeping pills and other drugs. Facts have proved that preventive planning can reduce depression. The community can take effective measures to prevent depression, including activities in schools that enhance the positive thinking of children and adolescents; interventions for children with behavioral problems can reduce parental depressive symptoms and improve their child's behavior; Physical activity of the elderly can also be effective in preventing depression. ▲
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