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Jan 16th, 2019, 2:21am

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Metropolis Reality Forums party secretary Chen

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   party secretary Chen
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party secretary Chen
« on: Oct 27th, 2017, 1:29am »
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'Radio guards' in the action Suizhou no commissioned by the joint multi-ground end of a 'black radio' - Trade, global trading platform
May 26, just completed the root of the festival live broadcast security task 5 days Suizhou no office has ushered in a good news, the Office in Xiangyang, Henan Nanyang radio management departments to cooperate with Nike Air Force 1 the next Nike Air Jordan , The success of the end of the hidden in Hubei, Henan provinces at the junction of a 'black radio', with practical  action to restore the broad masses of the eagerly forward, attracted users a 'thread of praise.' Public opinion - there is a 'black radio' in mid-April, Suizhou City, a manager received a public opinion: a 'like' Internet users in a local site forum posting that the county with the county near the town of Hongshan Every day from the radio can hear a channel scrolling ads, advertising, said: 'As long as the patient came to me there is no cure.' 'Like' friends suspected Hongshan Town may be a place with Black radio, hope the relevant departments to check! The voice of the masses is the command of UGG Gloves For Women the action. Suizhou City, no office was informed that the public opinion information, attaches great importance to quickly start the 'illegal signal investigation and handling of emergency plans', the organization monitoring the first time to the county magistrate Hongshan town to investigate the 'black radio.' Investigation - 'black radio' Adidas Honey Mid is not in Suizhou that afternoon, the management of law enforcement and monitoring technical staff composed of special buy moncler uk classes, arrived near the Hongshan town primary school, listening to the frequency of 99.8MHz suspicious signal, broadcast UGG Fingerless Gloves content for the rolling of the drug advertising, and 'Like' friends posted in the contents of the reaction consistent. By checking the frequency of the station database, did not find 99.8MHz registration information, confirmed as 'black radio'. Staff all the way to the 'black radio' to track and locate, along the way through the Hongshan Town Yunshan Mountain Chachang, arrived in cheap ugg boots online Xiangyang City, Zaoyang City, Wang Town. Once again measured orientation, 'black radio' orientation for the north west, that is, Zaoyang City, Nanyang City direction. To play - not Suizhou also check because the 'black radio' signal source is not in the territory of Suizhou, and the weather is late, whether it can give UGG Mittens up? Special staff will be in a timely manner to Suizhou City, Yang Xiaofu, deputy director of non-commissioned. Absolutely not - these four words are the reply received by the staff. Yang Xingfu said that the interests of the masses is greater than the day, and now the information passed to us here, we can not shirk, this is our duty. If we UGG Womens Gloves cheap ugg boots for sale turn away, our loss is not only not fulfill their duties, the greater the loss is that we turned away the trust of the masses, so regardless of the 'black radio' is not in Suizhou, should immediately act to combat 'black Radio 'for the people to solve problems, to prevent the masses from being deceived. Locking - the two provinces and three cities to establish a joint mechanism Suizhou City, no staff of the office immediately contact Xiangyang City, Henan Province, and non-commissioned by the Office of Henan new balance pas cher Province, asked christian louboutin pas cher to investigate and deal with this 'black radio'. The two Wholesale Ugg Boots provinces and three radio management departments immediately launched a joint investigation and handling mechanism, Suizhou, Xiangyang, Nanyang three radio management departments to strengthen the 'black radio' monitoring and monitoring, and interconnection clues of information, and finally the source of the launch range locked in Zaoyang City deer town territory. Just two provinces and three places, 'radio guards' plan joint action, to investigate and deal with, UGG Kids on Sale black radio signal suddenly mysterious disappeared. To Women's UGG Footwear the radio management department to quickly investigate and deal with some difficulties, but we firmly believe that as long as a good hunter is not UGG Women's Boots afraid of cunning fox. Three cities of the technical staff did not give up, continue to maintain 24-hour monitoring ... ... net - the fox finally exposed the tail May 23, Nanyang City, the station manager Xu Yudong to Suizhou, Xiangyang counterparts informed the latest situation, 99.8MHz 'black radio' re-emergence, location in Xiangyang town and Suizhou Wushan town at the junction of the flat mountain. As the province of Hubei province monitoring and law enforcement officers are in Xiaogan City to participate in the province's radio and television frequency assessment work training, it can not immediately investigate and deal with. Xiangyang, Suizhou agreed to 26 days after the end of the training on the way back to the flat mountain. Respectively, from the sides of the town of Ertou and Wu Town, the town of investigation. May 26 afternoon, Suizhou no staff in the Kids UGG Boots direction of the town of Wuzhen investigated and dealt with no fruit, then Xiangyang City, no office owners Li Chunwei to Suizhou City, no commission notice, Xiangyang City, Xiangyang City, 'Black radio' seized, collected a set of launch equipment, the current case is further investigation. After receiving the Cheap Ugg Outlet On Sale news, Suizhou no office in time in the city forum replies, feedback to investigate the 'black radio' results. After a netizen thread said: 'Suizhou new party secretary Chen Anli stressed: cadres for the masses can not have to rely on the idea of hinking, but not prevarication, but now, immediately, immediately, this Suizhou, Xiangyang , Nanyang's 'radio guards' do beautiful! '
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