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Dec 18th, 2018, 9:05pm

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Metropolis Reality Forums Industrial furnace

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   Industrial furnace
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Industrial furnace
« on: Oct 31st, 2017, 3:58am »
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The combustion control level of the industrial furnace directly affects the production indicators, such as product quality, energy consumption, etc. At present, the industrial furnace in China generally adopts the form of continuous combustion control, which means that the temperature and combustion atmosphere of the furnace can meet the technological requirements by controlling the amount of fuel and combustion air flow. Since this method of continuous combustion control is often restricted by the regulation and measurement of fuel flow, the control effect of most industrial furnaces is not good. With the rapid development of industrial furnace industry, pulse-type combustion control technology has emerged, and has been applied to a certain degree at home and abroad.1200C 0.1MPa Vacuum Atmosphere Muffle Furnace With Digital Temperature Control
The high - grade industrial products have higher uniformity of temperature field in the furnace, and the stable controllability of combustion atmosphere is higher, and the traditional continuous combustion control can not be realized. With the emergence of wide-section and large-capacity industrial furnace, pulse combustion control technology must be used to control the uniformity of temperature field in the furnace.
Low temperature vacuum brazing furnace in defense industryaluminum melting furnae
As the name implies, pulse combustion control is a kind of intermittent combustion way, using pulse width modulation technology, by adjusting the duty ratio of burning time (on-off ratio) to realize the temperature control of the kiln. The fuel flow can be preset by pressure adjustment, and when the burner is working, it is in full load, ensuring that the gas outlet speed of the burner is unchanged. When it is necessary to heat up the burner, the burner time is longer and the duration is reduced. When it is necessary to cool down, the burner time is reduced and the duration is lengthened.
Auto Lamp Vacuum Metalizing Machine
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