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Nov 17th, 2018, 4:34am

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Metropolis Reality Forums Wall-mounted gas furnace

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   Wall-mounted gas furnace
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Wall-mounted gas furnace
« on: Nov 2nd, 2017, 11:17pm »
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Wall-mounted gas type way of smoke is forced to smoke more, the flue for casing structure, will flue gas emitted from the burning of inner tube, outer tube from outdoor to inhale burning need fresh air, and flue gas preheating, reduce exhaust temperature. The heating system of wall-mounted gas furnace is divided into open type and closed type. Open domestic gas boiler set external or internal open water tank, heating system run normal pressure run, the enclosed household gas boiler inside the boiler setting expansion tank and air bleed valve, heating system run have pressure run, the domestic gas boiler is mainly in this form. This way is usually in the kitchen or installed on the balcony wall-mounted gas type, the radiator or surface coil used inside the bedroom, PE tube or aluminum tube, heating units and are connected to the wall hanging furnace set of hot water pipes, water segregator, electric control valve, thermostat, etc system.Electric Vacuum Crucible Melting Industrial Lab Furnaces
(1) the heating power of the wall-mounted gas type is commonly 15 kw to 30 kw, and central and southern China region is not very low outdoor temperature, the heating power at around 6 kw, 140 - square - meter units, in addition to the waste caused by excessive power margin, also increased the burden of natural gas pipe network. In the old residential areas where gas heating is not designed, it is difficult to install and use the gas furnace for heating. (2) at present our country the structure of the residential buildings generally no public exhaust channel, wall-mounted gas furnace smoke most out from the window, not only affect beautiful, and destroyed the function of the window, and is likely to make the smoke flow back into the room, and may even flow to the neighbor room, also does not conform to the household gas burning appliance installation and acceptance regulation CJJ12-99 relating to the specification requirements. The normal practice is to build public flue in the building, which will inevitably reduce the residential use area of commercial housing users. Increase the cost of commercial housing. (3) the installation of a heating system composed of wall-mounted gas furnace is more complicated, because there are connected pipes, which are not suitable for the decorated users. (4) smoke exhaust fan, circulating water pump start-up and flame combustion are noisy, and there is some air pollution. (5) when the ground heating method is adopted, the room height is reduced by 8 to 10 cm. (6) the cost of equipment investment and engineering installation is about RMB 20,000 ~ 30,000 yuan.
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