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Jan 16th, 2019, 10:50pm

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   Fish pump
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Fish pump
« on: Feb 5th, 2018, 10:16pm »
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Fish pump Water or air as the medium to send fish suction device. It is mainly used for aspiration and delivery of catches from fishing nets and fish tanks, as well as for netless fishing of fish in the water.
Menu15 Bar Pump Made in Germany
There are mainly centrifugal fish pumps, jet fish pumps, air lifting fish pumps and vacuum pressure fish pumps. �� centrifugal fish pump. By a special impeller and shell composition, the impeller runner wide to double the main blade, the liquid into the liquid and liquid direction perpendicular. Shell has a ring and semi-volute-shaped, a tangential outlet and the radial outlet of the points. Fixed-mounted fish pumps are mounted on land or on fishing vessels and are inserted into the fish-water mixture for operation. Submersible fish pumps directly into the water, with hydraulic drive for fishing operations. �� jet fish pump. Generally by the mouth, straw, spray cavity, pressure tube, fish water separator. The use of high-pressure water jet effect to complete the fishing operation, so that fish and water separation. Pump head 3 meters, no rotary body, smaller fish damage, but the larger, the hydraulic efficiency is generally about 30%.  
Auto Lamp Reflector Cicel Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine
�� air lift fish pump. When the compressed air passes into the base of the left pipe of the U-shaped fish tube placed vertically in the water, the water in the pipe rises upward and is discharged out of the pipe. The fish-water mixture at the suction mouth on the right of the U-tube is sucked into the pipe to achieve the purpose of continuously conveying the fish . �� vacuum pressure fish pump. Using a compressor or a vacuum pump, the storage bucket is evacuated to suck the fish and water into the bucket. When the fish is unloaded, compressed air is injected into the bucket to pressure-feed the fish and water mixture to the destination. Generally by the storage fish tank, vacuum pump, compression pump, air flow conversion valve, fish and water separator and suction, pressure lines and valves and other components. Operation, the straw suction pipe must be immersed in fish, water mixture, to prevent air from entering, the work process is intermittent.
Vacuum pump in china
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