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May 26th, 2022, 10:52am

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   Dangdang, opened the door
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Dangdang, opened the door
« on: Nov 6th, 2017, 12:23am »
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'North drift man' rooted in Shenzhen venture 'Zijia You trip' _ Shenzhen News Network
Wore the sun, Chen Xu to the customer received a good lunch for the restaurant to eat, his forehead a lot of Qin sweat at this time it gradually stopped. In Beijing, Chen Xu and his wife can also like a pair of literary young people, leisure time watching movies, drama, revel in the concert scene. The original title: 'North drift man' rooted in Shenzhen venture 'Zijia You trip' turned leap, brighter future. Wore the sun, Chen Xu to the customer received a good lunch for the restaurant to eat, his forehead a lot of Qin sweat at this time it gradually stopped. After the afternoon collection of the time and route planning, the members of the group quickly sit around the table waiting for a meal. This is the company to undertake a mission to build business, Chen Xu as a leader Nike Air Max Mens to join the inconvenience to join, had to 'hide' to a quiet corner, ordered a pasta rush to cope with, the only fun may be facing the phone, On a few words. 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His micro letter ugg bottes 2017 in a total of more than 4,000 friends, mobile phone has become the most important channel of communication every day. One of the 'old boy' microcredit is his often 'bubbling' position, which is his 10 years in Beijing to make friends. Most of his friends stay in Beijing, and 'North drift' who Chen Xu came from Beijing to Shenzhen, tied the roots. 'Life should not be imprisoned on the same piece of land.' The day before leaving Beijing, he wrote this sentence ugg pas cher bottes in the 'old boy' group. Perhaps it is a Sagittarius who has the freedom to love, and his choice is always so similar. In 2004, 23-year-old Chen Xu graduated new balance 574 femme from Capital Normal University, he should have become a teacher. 'The teacher, the doctor, the civil servant is my parents want me to live, but these three are in a place to step by step mode to a lifetime, so these three jobs are not my favorite.' 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Chen Xu in the tour during the basic are cheap air, and this experience also wrote a book about his low-cost aviation model and poor travel culture book '0 yuan ticket secret' provides material. When the play backpackers bought the car, he began to use the holidays to start another exploration - Zijia You. In Beijing, he invited three or five friends to travel in droves to the suburbs. In these friends, there are colleagues, students, there have been friends who do not know each other. 'His best friend is in the blog era of friends, now have become friends.' At that time in Beijing, a well-known media work girlfriend was Chen Xu's optimistic chaussures louboutin pas cher and free to attract, she also believes that one has a lot of friends The people will not be bad. Since the spring of 2012, the two have become partners on the road ahead. 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At that time, Chen Xu's career is rising, the unit leadership out of the rich conditions of good faith to retain. And more importantly, he lived in Beijing for 10 years, has accumulated years of network resources, there are a group nike air max 90 youth of particularly good friends. 'Life should be properly cleared.' Chen Xu said that despite a lot of dismay, but he still decided to leave Beijing, to Shenzhen. Not only because of his wife's commitment to marry him - 'where I go, where you go', but also because he is optimistic about cheap ugg boots online the development of innovation in Shenzhen space. But really to leave the day, still sad. Before leaving, just friends to Sanli meal on the grounds of the dinner were held a dozen times. In March 2014, the two books, clothes, etc. into a few boxes of packaging, delivery to Shenzhen in advance, other supplies to a hatchback car was full of Dangdang, opened the door almost to fall out. They were like the American college students who had influenced the works on the road in the early years, and held a traditional ritual of graduation, and bid farewell to Beijing, all the way to Shenzhen. [Editor: Lin Min Shan] 1 2 3 Next page
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