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Jun 21st, 2024, 7:26pm

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NAIROBI Jordans 6s Gatorade , June 15 (Xinhua) -- Kenya plans to accelerate itselectricity exports to other East African nations, officials at thestate-owned electricity utility said on Thursday.
Kenya Power Managing Director Kenneth Tarus told a mediabriefing in Nairobi that it currently exports between 10 and 20Megawatts of power each to Tanzania and Uganda.
"Kenya's exports to the region are likely to continue so long asour local demand will not have grown to meet our currentelectricity supply," Tarus said during the Fourth Edition of theGreat Energy Debate.
The East African nation has an arrangement with neighboringTanzania and Uganda to sell its surplus energy. "At the same time,we will also import from the countries when our electricity demandexceeds supply," Tarus said.
Kenya is at present constructing an electricity interconnectorwith Ethiopia. Kenya's installed electricity generation capacitycurrently stands at approximately 2300 Mw of electricity against apeak demand of 1650 Mw.
Tarus said that Kenya plans to add an additional 743 Mw ofelectricity in the next five years. Kenya Power Jordans 6 Gatorade , which is the solepower distributor in the country, plans to connect 70 percent ofthe population by the end of the year.
"We are currently implementing a project that will connect anadditional 312,000 households to the national grid with a 130million U.S. dollars loan from the Africa Development Bank," themanaging director said.
The power firm has also plans to spend 1 billion dollars overthe next four years to refurbish its electricity transmissionnetwork so that it can support additional power generation.Enditem
LONDON, June 21 (Xinhua) -- The day a team of international scientists had a close encounter with one of the world's longest living predators was captured in a video released Wednesday.
The physiologists Cheap Air Jordan 6 Retro Gatorade Like Mike 384664-145 For Sale , including Dr. Holly Shiels from the University of Manchester, have just returned from Greenland where they battled storms and icebergs to study Greenland shark, one of the world's most mysterious sharks.
The eight scientists and ship's crew on the expedition sailed for more than 40 hours through gale-force winds and waves to reach the research area.
The purpose was to understand more about the shark, a top predator in the Arctic, which lives for more than 272 years Mens Air Jordans 6 Gatorade 2017 , and possibly even more than 400.
"Scientists know that it is both a hunter and a scavenger because it has been seen to feed on seals and has been found with the remains of polar bears and whales in its stomach. It is also one of the largest species of shark -- growing to about five-and-a-half meters -- just a bit smaller than the great white," said a spokesman at the University of Manchester.
Although known to be under pressure from fishing and climate change, very little is known about the species. The purpose of the mission was to find out more about its heart, movements, diet Mens Air Jordans 6 Retro Gatorade , and reproductive patterns.
Shiels, who is also a trustee of The Physiological Society, said: "At times, the seas were so rough that the ship felt like the inside of a washing machine, but at others the water was like a sheet of glass."
"We were able to study both male and female of a variety of ages Mens Air Jordans 6 Gatorade Sizes 12 , which will give us a great insight into the species and how best to protect it."
Initial observations about the sharks included the incredibly slow heart rate -- just one beat every ten seconds, and more data, from the sharks that were tagged and released.
As well as helping to understand how to conserve the shark, the study may also lead to greater understanding of diseases associated with the aging process, such as heart disease and cancer Mens Air Jordans 6 Gatorade Cheap , which could help with new therapies for humans in the future, according to the scientists.
"It's very early days for the results, but the number of samples we've taken and the satellite tagging means that this remarkable species is now beginning to reveal some of its secrets," said Shiels.  
CPC members of Taiwan origin urged to boost cross-Strait relations  
China's mining of combustible ice beats expectations  
Highway bridge connecting China and Russia under construction
Yoga fans practise yoga across China
Weekly choices of Xinhua photos
In pics: terrace fields in northwest China's Ningxia
In pics: Mount Jiuhua Buddha College in E China
Students graduate from Civil Aviation University of China
MINSK, June 21 (Xinhua) -- The Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine has reached an agreement on ceasefire from June 24 Mens Air Jordans 6 Gatorade For Sale , 2017, the OSCE's special representative in the trilateral contact group on Ukraine Martin Sajdik told local media on Wednesday.
After the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk, Sajdik said during the harvest campaign, from June 24 to August 31, the complete ceasefire will be implemented by force along the contact line. The members of the Contact Group on Ukraine expressed support for the proposal and agreed to transfer it to their superior leaderships.
Sajdik also said that personnel of the OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine had been attacked and shot the day before. He stressed that this kind of serious incident is not allowed.
"All the parties have responsibility for the safety and freedom of travel of the mission's personnel Mens Air Jordans 6 Gatorade Shoes ," he concluded.
The trilateral contact group will meet next time on July 5.
Aside from those who are competing in reality TV shows, who wants to be watched? Who wants to be seen in their most vulnerable and private moments? Who wants to be deprived of his privacy and his freedom to keep things for and to himself? Most importantly, who wants to jeopardize his security by unwittingly exposing the things he should be keeping hidden from someone who’s watching from afar?
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